About Horse Racing Datasets

Horse Racing Datasets launched in 2015 as an easy way to share and find useable horse racing data.

We’ve been interested in horse racing datasets, and their unfortunate lack of availability, for some time. It’s a time-honored tradition for horseplayers to compile datasets for personal use, but it’s less common for them to share those datasets.

Raceday 360

Since then we've added many datasets, and with the current version of this site we hope to make them a bit easier to find. By adding category and data type navigation it's now easy to browse or directly link to listings for topics of interest. We also have a have static listing page for those who either don't have JavaScript enabled in their browsers, or who prefer a more straightword text layout.

We plan to continue to add datasets as we find them, and now you can make submit datasets for considersation!

Our only current criteria, aside from being a dataset about Thoroughbred horse racing, is that the dataset should be in one of the following formats:

  • Google Sheet
  • CSV
  • XSLX
  • Speadsheet at Dropbox
  • A raw data format at Github
  • Available via API

If you have local CSV or XSLX files you'd like to share, please consider hosting them in Google Drive, Dropbox or at Github.